Friday, December 08, 2006

!337$p34K is Evil! OmG!

Leet Speak, is apparently a cryptic language that parents are unable to understand! It can be used to mask conversations from parents so that kids can go out and be little net whores.

Okay, first of all, the newscasters are dumb, and the kid giving them information is dumb. Acronyms are not leet speak. It's not cryptic, AT ALL. It's stupid and pointless, on purpose. The "secret codes" in this newscast are perfectly readable to anyone with a few extra brain cells.

Dear parents, the awful truth is, your kids are WAY better than you at computers. Sure you can get software to filter how and what they look at, but nothing is foolproof. I was installing a program I consider to be a well-designed, powerful computer management software. The person who took the order for me to install the software, knew the customer's child was better at computers than she was, suggested I enable a BIOS password. Good thinking, but, I realized if the kid is smart enough to try and do something like change the OS, he's smart enough to download and burn a live Linux CD. Pop it in, it auto-configures the OS and network card. Boom! Filter-free computer usage and internet. Now what does Mom do?

So, if you're a parent, I hope you have a good enough relationship with your child to either trust them to manage their own computer use. I also hope you trust your child enough to ask them questions and get a truthful answer.

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