Sunday, November 26, 2006

Noobs and Ebay

Noobs do not belong on the internet. The point is proven recently on Ebay. Some guy purchased a picture of a PS3 for over $800. A PICTURE. FROM CNET.COM's SITE. Can't really blame the guy though, there were 21 bids before him. At least he tried to snipe the item (not exactly a n00b tactic). It just backfired this time. The link is above. More to come.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nüb of the week: Yours Truly

For our first nüb of the week, I'd like to introduce you to someone very dear to me, myself. I mean me. I'm this week's nüb. I know what you're thinking. "But Aaron, you're so l33t, how could you ever be a nüb?"

Well son, everyone's a nüb sometimes. There's a first time for everything. The difference with your lovely hosts, Fritz0r and myself, is our very, very... very low concentration of nüb-sauce. Most people are almost 99.9 percent n00bish. And they are the people we are going to make the most fun of! But, alas. Since I had a n00b moment, I'm going to share it.

Teh Fritz and I are looking at something in Firefox, I'm speedily using the All-In-One Mouse Gestures like I normally do, but this time using the
rocker gesturesIf you're reading this, you are a n00b.
by holding the right mouse button and then pressing the left button, or vise versa.
for Back and Forward. The previous weekend, I had finally figured out how to use the rocker gesture. For some reason, I couldn't get them to work when I first started using Mouse Gestures months ago. I was excited that I had finally learned it, so showed it to teh Fritz. His brow arches, "Dude, you didn't know about that?" "Uh, well, I couldn't get it to work before. I just figured it out this weekend."

He quickly moves to another computer, and after some typing, presents me with this certificate.

I've been pwned.

Pwll, er, Poll of the Month.

You would think those on a show titled "Pure Pwnage" would be able to read correctly. They clearly state "that only n00bs pronounce pwn as 'pohn'." citing because it is a spelling mistake, it should take it's original pronunciation.


"Pwn" is now a new word, a different lifeform from it's ancestor "Own". People intentionally type the P, therefore it is pronounced. I mean, duh. But since I'm a nice guy (usually) I'm willing to listen to other opinions. Even though they are probably wrong.

How do you pronounce "pwn"?
like "pone"
like "own"
like "pawn"
like "poon"
like "pun"
like "puh-own"
like "pee-own"
like "pwen"
I'm a n00b. What's "pwn"?
No, I googled for _pawn_ shops.
Free polls from

A sign in the game City of Heroes.